Centre of Nowhere Radio #08 with Selfhelp – 3rd of November, 21.00 CET

We just moved houses. Left our familiar Vagnhärad for a vacant summerhouse “village” outside of Gnesta, south of Stockholm. It’s us and a few oldies around. Surrounded by lakes and woods. Living here until summer then let’s see. 

Speaking about that and playing comforting and hopeful tunes tonight on Centre of Nowhere Radio. Tune here on the website, starting at 21.00 CET.  In deep need for company so place come and hang. 🫶

Centre of Nowhere Radio #07 with Selfhelp & Myfeminineside – 28th of September, 21.00 CEST

Centre of Nowhere Radio #06 with Selfhelp – 25th of August, 21.00 CEST

Centre of Nowhere Radio #05 – Hybrida Fest Reflections Show – 21st of July, 21.00 CEST

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Centre of Nowhere Radio Show #03 – 19th of May, 21.00 CEST

Friends, beloved listeners, followers and lurkers! It’s spring 🌺⛲️🌱, I have a creature living in my CDJ (for real!) and the delightful Behrang Mohammadi will be a guest on the Centre of Nowhere Radio show #03 tomorrow Friday the 19th of May at 21.00 CEST. Initially, I wanted to broadcast Behrangs set from the launch of the radio show but why dwell in the past when you can give birth to something new, it’s spring after all. I, DJ Selfhelp will host, Behrang will be a guest and you, I hope, will come along. ❤️‍🔥 

The first show from Centre of Nowhere in Vagnhärad, Sweden on the 21st of April

It’s been a month since the first trial & error radio show of Centre of Nowhere and since then, we have left Berlin and moved to  Sweden.

This Friday the 21st of April at 21.00 CEST will be the fist show with me DJ Selfhelp from @centre.of.nowhere in Vagnhärad Sweden.

P.S – There will be a saint on my couch during the show. 👼🏽 More about that on Friday. 

Launch, 18th of March, 2023

For the launch, we have invited some of the great and sweet artists we have met in Berlin over the past 12 years to set it off, and then bring that energy with us as we move north. From 16.00 CET until late on the 18th of March there will be guest appearances on the Centre of Nowhere radio show by: